PowerPoint – Yielding Our Hearts to God

Here’s the link to Sister Neill F. Marriott’s talk: Yielding Our Hearts to God

Here’s the general outline I made:

  • Personal reformation begins with a (1)change of heart.
  • (2)It will work out, even through trial.
  • For the meek and faithful, things both bad and good, will work out for the better, in the time of the Lord’s. (3)The Lord’s time.
  • Seek to do His Will, (4)be yoked.
  • (5)“Father, is there more?” Always search for more that you can do.
  • (6)Wait for answers. In the process of finding our answers, we open our heart up and in patience we are humbled.
  • Healing of the heart begins with (7)yielding to the Lord’s way. Even when it’s not what we want.
  • Through gratitude we can humble ourselves(8)Humble through gratitude
  • If we earnestly appeal to God, (9)He takes us as we are, and (10)makes us more than we ever imagined.


This talk really hit me during conference, it was a great beginning to general conference as well. As I came up with phrases, stories of the bible started coming to mind that fit them. I love paintings, so I decided to use some of my favorite paintings as the background for each power phrase. However, knowing each had different style of painting, I thought making my scheme black and white would even the playing field and that my text would have a better chance of standing out. The audience I was aiming for were those familiar with scripture stories, and to inspire them in a similar way that the talk inspired.

PowerPoint Process


In the creation process I had some really good feedback from my husband, especially on the last slide. I had a hard time getting the letters to stand out on the boy in armor, and he suggested a glow- which usually I think of that neon obnoxious glow, but I found out a way to mute it just enough to help my words stand out. He also helped me when I wasn’t sure something looked funny or with where I put words or how. (To help one word stand out I put it in white, but it didn’t seem to flow very well)


The other critique that was very helpful was Sister Peterson’s. She helped me see and make a more unified look with my text so they all were similar in position. Also in one of my slides the smaller words were too separated and two other I had tangents with the sides of the slides. (one of these I hadn’t cropped the painting so looking at it in my work space it looked fine, but the text was actually write on the edge.) The other I moved down away from the edge to give it more space.

Photos used:

  1. Jonah & the whale
  2. Peter on Water
  3. Pioneers
  4. Yoked Oxen
  5. “Sacrament Meeting” by Doc Christensen
  6. Joseph Kneeling
  7. Christ at Gethsemane
  8. James Christensen
  9. Children with Jesus
  10. Judy Cooley


1st Font: Dock11 Heavy- sans serif, thick and completely smooth

2nd Font: Antipasto Extralight – somewhat sans serif, thin


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